A guide to cleaning teeth with braces properly

A guide to cleaning teeth with braces properly

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We all know that braces are an incredible dental tool, which can help you to straighten your teeth and allow you to enjoy a beautiful smile for years to come. But in order to reach that stage, it’s essential to make sure you keep both your braces and teeth in excellent condition. What are the best tips for cleaning teeth with braces? Let’s find out!

Find the right toothbrush

As always, one of the most important steps in oral hygiene is choosing the right toothbrush. With braces, it’s a little more complicated, and your regular model may not be the best option. On the market, you will find versions, which were specifically designed for cleaning the difficult areas around the braces. That way, you will get rid of the food stuck between your teeth as well as the braces. You can also try an electric toothbrush, which can be more efficient than traditional ones. If you want to use the manual toothbrush be sure to choose the model with bristles shaped in a “V” form. Read more about different types of toothbrush bristles.

Learn how to clean teeth with braces properly

During the process of cleaning teeth with braces, first, be sure to divide your mouth into four sections. This will simplify the task and allow you to give the proper amount of attention to each part. Brush your teeth at a 45-degree angle and go from outside to inside. Pay attention to the backs of the teeth as well as gum lines, because these are the places where the plaque can quickly build up during the day. You should also focus on the spaces around and in-between the braces. While cleaning your teeth with braces make sure not to brush too hard - too much pressure may cause the damage to braces or the wires. Don’t forget to clean the tongue, as well.

Don’t skip the flossing

After you’ve brushed your teeth, it’s time for the next essential step - flossing. It may seem like quite an impossible task, with all the metal on your teeth, but it certainly can be done. Make sure you take your time and thread piece of floss between the top of the tooth and the main wire of the braces. Then gently move it up and down and clean each space. If using traditional floss is a little bit complicated, you can also floss with the help of floss picks or a water flosser. Remember that flossing is essential if you want to maintain your oral health - it removes the plaque from between your teeth and can prevent decay and gum diseases.

Use mouthwash

The next step in cleaning teeth with braces properly is mouthwash. This product will help you to get rid of any remaining food as well as any bacteria. Using mouthwash is highly recommended while wearing braces because the metal wires and brackets are the places where a lot of plaque can collect during each day. As a result, it can lead to bad breath and influence the overall health of your teeth. Mouthwash can help with these problems and support your dental health.

Watch your diet

While cleaning your teeth with braces is vital, it’s also beneficial to keep an eye on your diet. There are certain foods, which can not only make the cleaning process much more difficult, but even damage the braces, so it’s best to avoid them for the time of the being. These foods mainly include very sticky products, which can strongly cling to the metal of the braces. You should avoid chewing gum, caramel, popcorn, chips and corn on the cob.