How to keep your child's teeth healthy? Tips for parents

How to keep your child's teeth healthy? Tips for parents

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The health of teeth in adulthood is determined by kids oral care, i.e. in the first years of life of every person. What habits parents develop in their children will have their consequences in the future. Initially, we take care of milk teeth, which are usually all present around 3 years old. Later on, the milk teeth fall out and permanent teeth appear in their place. Both the former and the latter must be taken care of properly.

Dental check-ups

One of the most important aspects of child teeth care is regular check-up visits to the dentist. However, this is often neglected by parents who are afraid of their children's reaction to the dentist and do not want to expose them to unpleasant experiences. According to many studies and surveys, as many as half of the 3-year-olds have never sat in a dentist's chair. According to dentists' recommendations, every child should appear in the dentist's office regularly from the age of 1, preferably every 6 months. Kids oral care at home will not be effective if the condition of their teeth is not controlled by the dentist. Regular visits translate into a lower risk of caries, and allow for an early reaction in case of any problem with teeth.

Child teeth care vs. eating habits

A child's diet is very important for the health of his or her teeth. The parent should control what appears on his plate. Every adult is aware that one of the bigger and more frequent causes of caries is sugar, which is usually too much in the toddler's diet. Therefore, one should give up or at least limit sweets and drinking sweet drinks. Instead we teach the child to eat fruit and drink water. Therefore, in child teeth care we should consider the eating habits. If possible, as early as possible, we should give up giving the child shredded food. They cover the teeth, which not only contributes to decay formation, but also to malocclusion.

Practical tips for child teeth care

The child teeth care tips will be mainly about brushing teeth. First of all, we should choose the right toothbrush for a toddler. It should have soft bristles so as not to irritate the gums and not to remove enamel. They have to be of a size that is suitable for the smaller hands of the child. Furthermore, they should fit well in the hand, helped by the anti-slip grip that is used in the VirtueBrush bamboo toothbrush for kids. It is made of biodegradable, environmentally friendly materials. When choosing toothpaste for children, the parent should not be afraid of fluoride, as it is the most effective means of fighting tooth decay. However, one should check if there is no sugar in the toothpaste, and if it does not have too intense taste. We teach the little one to brush his teeth after each meal, showing him the best brushing technique. We start with the farthest teeth and end with the front teeth. We try to brush the teeth in a circular motion. Child teeth care also applies to brushing time. Let it be 2-3 minutes. How can you control this time? Set a stopwatch for the child to know when he or she can finish brushing.

Tips for child teeth care

So, kids oral care has several aspects and each is equally important. We do not avoid visiting the dentist, we control the baby's diet and teach him good habits.