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Oval Bamboo Hair Brush with Long Pins
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    Bamboo Pocket Hair CombBamboo Pocket Hair Comb
    Bamboo Pocket Hair Comb
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      We are increasingly aware of our impact on the environment. We already know that our daily choices determine how future generations will live. Soil, water and air are increasingly polluted by the ever-increasing amounts of waste for which we humans are responsible. Many measures have already been taken to reduce waste production. So we are moving in the right direction. Eco is trendy, as evidenced by bamboo accessories, among others. These products are made of 100% bamboo, which is a biodegradable, natural material, and also has a very good effect on our skin and body. When choosing bamboo toothbrushes, it is also worth taking care of good company for it, that is bamboo accessories. With these accessories you will create for yourself and your loved ones an eco set for the bathroom, for everyday hygiene, acting in harmony with nature.

      Bamboo accessories, plant-based bathroom accessories

      Bamboo accessories is not only a much better alternative to plastic bathroom accessories, but also a fashionable interior decoration. Bamboo is a plant characterized by very fast growth. It is also not demanding in care, it does not need to be watered and fertilized. Bamboo is highly resistant to bacteria, moulds, fungi and decay processes. Even in direct contact with water it preserves its properties, so it will be an excellent choice for the bathroom. No plant protection products or pesticides are used during its cultivation. This is due to the high content of silica, which protects the plant against pests. Natural bamboo accessories are durable and resistant to mechanical damage. Unlike plastic ones, they do not crack or break like glass or porcelain. Bamboo accessories are also lightweight, which is due to the low weight of the raw material.

      Bamboo accessories compliant with ecological trends

      Bamboo accessories are perfect for eco trends in interior design. We often use Mother Nature's support in the arrangement of our apartments. There are more and more natural plants in pots, wood, wicker and linen and cotton fabrics. Bamboo accessories are made only of bamboo. Their uniqueness can be seen in their look, each product is different because it was made from a unique piece of bamboo. There is a clear drawing of wood, as well as any possible differences in color. They look beautifully accompanied by wooden cabinet fronts, green color accents and wicker accessories.

      The offer includes, among others, a case for a bamboo toothbrush and a cup for toothbrushes made of the same material. All eco accessories are characterized by beautifully rounded shapes and minimalist and simple form.

      We also recommend our bamboo make-up brushes and natural hair brushes.